What do you need?

compassClarity of MISSION or VISION?

Without a clearly articulated mission and vision you have no marker by which to measure progress or inform decisions. A meaningful mission statement is the compass that keeps you on course when the landscape starts changing. I can guide you to a better vision for your organization.


checkA distinct VALUE PROPOSITION?

Real value proposition must create compelling distinction. If your list matches that of your competition, just with different wrapping, you have failed. If price point becomes the only practical evaluation of your product you will enter the commodity whirlpool. I can define your solution to create distinction.


megaphonThe right POSITIONING?

Understanding positioning requires understanding your competition and the market. A compelling value proposition will be of no use if the positioning and messaging for your product fails to also create separation from you competition. You must find a unique voice for your solution. I can identify the right position and frame it.


rocketBRAND identification?

With the right mission, value and message your product brand identity serves as the beacon and memory jog. It should be simple and must be distinct from anything competitive to you. Combined with your tag line it is your best chance for a viewer to remember you.  I can get you the right id.


people 3AUDIENCE PROFILE and where to find them?

Do you have a profile of your ideal customer? Do you know where to find them? Simply being in the digital marketplace is not enough. You need to know where to find your future customers and the best online tools for engaging them. No one will find you otherwise. I can advise your digital strategy and recommend the right solutions.

You just have to tell me what it is you need…