Now that’s competition.
how do you beat YOUR competition?

Ice fishing… is this what comes to mind?  If lures were words, how many are being dangled in front of these fish (assuming fish are there – and who told the fishermen they were?). Which words will work? Which message? What about colors, shapes, sizes? Won’t any old hook work? Likely not.

Imagine the fish swimming up and down the lines of bobbing lures. “No”. “No.” “Definitely not that one.” “That one’s kind of pretty.” “No.” “Hmmmm.” Customers are like fish. They need to be hungry (read: motivated, in the market). They need to like the lure (read: attracted to it, meets a need, solves a problem). And they need a clear path to acquire it (read: swallow the hook).

Fishing where (you think) the fish are isn’t enough. It’s all about the lure, literally… that’s why it’s called a “lure”. It’s all about branding and communications… the value, the message, the package. The right message and method to draw in the buyer.  That, and making sure you know where the fish really are.

Otherwise, you’re just another hook in the water. Perhaps I can help you…


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